Feb. 3rd, 2011

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This seems like something that a lot of people would want, so it SHOULD be possible. I'm just not seeing it when I Google.

I have lots of tracks now in my iTunes library. I would like to separate out the classical and Christmas music so that it's not in normal rotation. I have the stuff tagged by genre and even in separate playlists, but it's all also in the main library, which is too large for the new iPod I have now. (The original 60GB iPod was stolen, remember.) Is there any way to take these tracks and create a new, separate iTunes library? Then you could just hold SHIFT down as you launch iTunes and open the different library instead of the main one. I could create new libraries and add all this stuff and then manually delete it from the main library, of course. But that would be a hassle and dangerous (I'm afraid). I also have the stuff scattered all over the disk in folders, and I would like it to all be consolidated, but that ship has sailed, I think.

iLounge never talks about this in particular that I can find.

Perhaps I shouldn't have added ALL those tracks in the first place.


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