Feb. 18th, 2011

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As of noon today, Hubby has been called back to his job at The Folly!

He's so happy. I am less thrilled, considering that ten of them (including him) have been recalled to work complete with badge and laptop as of RIGHT NOW, whereas the other 80-something people in the layoff continue to get paid for not working until April 4th. But on the other hand, he was too stressed out and neurotic to live until April 4th without working. So he's happy! He wanted to go with this new startup and do all the extra hours and so forth and all the "exciting" stuff. He couldn't enjoy doing fun things with me or going on a road trip knowing that he wasn't working. (But, of course, now he has a job again. Until this one somehow gets de-funded. I am a realist.)

The only really unfair part (aside from the others getting to sit on their butts and be paid until April 4th) is that those who get called back in a later phase will have gotten their severance package worth about $30K. That is REALLY UNFAIR, if he has to work starting now and they get to sit around until after the cutoff date and apply to get their big money and THEN get called back to work. But oh well. We seem to always be "lucky" this way. Who needs a lump sum when I'd probably just squander it on car payments and house payments??

I want to thank those of you who have prayed and sent positive thoughts and energy. I truly believe that they are the reason the Universe decided to go ahead and call these guys back. They're probably all type-A like Hubby and were going crazy.

By the way, the fellow who was in line to get that job ("Job A" with the company, not part of this project but still good) didn't get to take it. He was part of this same Tiger Team and was called in today. But he told them no--that he had accepted a job at Cisco Systems, and wouldn't be taking this opportunity! So he wouldn't have taken Job A anyhow. Of course, he COULDN'T have, and neither could Hubby, because the way the paperwork is written, they had to either take the recall to this project if it came before April 4th or leave the company entirely. It says something that this fellow chose to leave. But ANYWAY . . . Hubs is happy, and they've all gone to lunch and will work out the day. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but at least he has a job. And perhaps I should be more thankful for that.

I'm terrible. But anyway, perhaps I'll go to ConDFW this weekend to get away from all the excited happy talk of the plans for the new project . . . I don't think I can take it. I'd rather wander around and see what's new. *grin*


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