Feb. 25th, 2011

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Many of you have read my novel LITTLE RITUALS, or at least snippets from it.  I put it on the Kindle early last year, but most of the text had been set in stone for some time by then.

Early in the book, the dwarf/fairy godfather that Daphne has the car fenderbender with tells her, "Check yourself before you wreck yourself."  That's a phrase my neighbor's kid used starting about five years ago.  I heard him and his friends use it, and thought it was good.  But not a quotation from any film, as I Googled it.  It's just like "I know, right?" in origin--began with someone and spread.  As far as I can tell.

Well, now I discover that the film "Due Date" uses this line.

They stole it from ME.  I had it in print first!

Well, they probably heard it the same way I did.  But now they will be credited with originating it, and I will get even more complaints and rejections, saying, "You stole that line from a movie!"

Now I will need to come up with another catchphrase for him to give her.

Lately I've felt all "what's the point?" about writing anyway.  There are so many books out there, and what the market and editors/agents like is not the same thing that I like, and publishing is undergoing a sea change.  There's got to be some other thing I could be doing.


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