Mar. 4th, 2011

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World Book Day meme--gacked from mrissa

The book I am currently reading: I just finished re-reading _Two Much_ by Donald E. Westlake and haven't started another off the to-read queue.

The books I am currently writing:
(YA adventure with witchiness) APRIL, MAYBE JUNE. Requested full with agent as a result of winning the Golden Rose contest. I have not heard from the agent, actually, and am tweaking the middle.
(Romantic suspense/ghost story/technology story) LOVE IS THE BRIDGE (formerly SONG FROM THE HEART). This one is still stalled in mid-haunting for some reason.
(Screwball comedy/romance with suspense-type plot) IN THE PUNDIT'S CORNER. This one is sort of on the back burner, but occasionally I return to it during lulls.

The book I love most: The King James Bible. The language is the standard that everything else used to be compared to. Yes, it's archaic NOW. However, there is much to be learned from its eloquence. Once, it was required reading for students of literature. But anyway, the next choice is a good dictionary such as Webster's Third New International or the OED. You could browse such a tome forever and keep learning.

My "favorite" novel is _To Kill a Mockingbird_. I can see how people might prefer Gatsby or one of the Steinbecks, but I'm Southern.

The last book I received as a gift: I wish people would gift me with books. (Instead of the desk calendars and useless trinkets that they find at the dollar store, which is what they usually resort to.) Hubby always goes out and gets some electronic gadget and adds to it some piece of costume jewelry that catches his eye. Generally there is a Hello Kitty component, or sometimes frogs. When I was a child, my grandmothers would send me Bobbsey Twins books. There was a VERY long series and there was always a new one or one I hadn't read. Classmates used to give each other the "Peanuts" books such as _Happiness Is a Warm Puppy_ or the softcover collections of strips--or maybe even Nancy Drew books, after we had read all the Bobbseys. Of course, back then you could buy a hardcover children's book at the supermarket or discount store for a couple of dollars, and a softcover went for sixty cents to a dollar. I think perhaps the last time I got a book was a couple of Christmases ago when a co-worker gave me a fantasy novel that wasn't my cuppa.

The last book I gave as a gift: I always give people books, although I don't think too many of them appreciate that. My aunt did, and so the last book I gave her was one she'd asked for--_When God Laughs With You_ or something like that. She had seen a TV show where Tim Conway had promoted it. I suppose the last book I actually gave was the Christmas book to hubby. I think it was OLD MAN'S WAR by John Scalzi. I knew he hadn't read it, and he only reads fantasy/SF.

The nearest book on my desk: _Scout, Atticus, and Boo_. It's a collection of essays about what _To Kill a Mockingbird_ means to people. I happened across it at the Borders closing sale; I had first seen it on my aunt's coffee table when we were in Sherman after the funeral of my OTHER aunt.

Generally it would've been some kind of reference book. But you caught me carrying this one around.


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