Apr. 14th, 2011

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This morning at the vet, the doctor said that Teddy's little bump is a benign thing--calling it a basal cell something, but not a "c" word, that has developed a fluid-filled cyst above it. But she said it's nothing, to not touch it and ignore it. It's not big enough to drain, but if it needs to be drained, she'll do that if the time comes. "Don't pinch it!" she said. *sheepish look* (I was trying to check it.)

But she was upset by his coughing. You see, he got scared by the smell of the place . . . a new clinic that she has just purchased and remodeled. And the scale! It was like nothing you've seen at a vet's, I'll bet: it was a sort of large shelf that lifted itself up to our level. Not describing very well here, but it was like something you would use to weigh livestock! It was really large and made a noise when it was moving up to our chest level. He didn't like that. And then we went to the exam room where he got an anal probe (thermometer), and THAT just set him off. Last time, around Thanksgiving of last year, when he came to a vet's (different office because this one was being remodeled), they took him into the Inner Sanctum and did upside-down X-rays and blood work and all sorts of scary stuff, so he panicked. And when a Pom with collapsing trachea panics, he starts to cough and "honk."

So by the time the vet came in, he was into a pretty good coughfest. She was concerned about THAT rather than what I had come in for. "Does he always do this?" He has white-coat syndrome, so he couldn't calm down for her until he was sure she wouldn't take blood or give injections or some other ouchie. I told her that the other clinic had done blood work and X-rays and had been worried about a heart murmur, but I didn't think anyone else had ever heard one. She thought it was sensible to check for one, in case it was contributing to the cough (which I don't think it is, at least not now.)

She listened. "He does have a soft murmur. They're classed in dogs from 1 to 4, and his is only about a 2. We do need to watch to see if he is retaining water. If he does start that, it's like your mom's congestive heart failure--mitral valve prolapse--and we put them on three medications and they get along fine. But right now I can't really say that there is a problem." She gave us a list of symptoms to watch for.

By the time all this had been discussed, Teddy was calmer and just panting. "This is more like the way he normally is," I said.

But we'll keep an eye on him. It also explains why he can't eat things with lots of salt on them--they make him cough more and make him pant. Duh! Dogs aren't supposed to have table scraps, but Grandma (ahem) tends to slip him things, as does Hubby. They'll have to quit doing that.

So anyhow, the Thing we were so worried about got a cursory "oh, it's nothing," which is what we wanted. We'll keep watch for any changes in the other stuff. Right now it's running really warm for spring, and all the pollen is out in force, so we're all having sneezes and allergies--the dog included. We may have to stay in from our walk for a couple of days until whatever-it-is quits pollinating.


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