Jul. 8th, 2012

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Okay, crew! Today A WILL OF ITS OWN, a Kindle Short by Shalanna Collins, is FREE for the Kindle!

A Will of Its Own

If you have a Kindle or a Kindle app on one of your computers or pad-tablet type devices, you can get A WILL OF ITS OWN (about a magical dagger that dogs a poor little worker bee girl in medieval times) by Shalanna Collins from the Kindle Store absolutely free!

It will be FREE from Sunday, July 08, 2012, to Tuesday, July 10, 2012!

Of course I'm hoping that if you enjoy it, you'll feel inclined to check out my other work, including the Shalanna Collins YA fantasy novels available on Amazon in print or Kindle formats, and especially NICE WORK by Denise Weeks, my traditional mystery novel that won the Dark Oak Novel Contest and is coming out from Oak Tree Press at the end of this month. The voice/style will be different in the contemporary mysteries, of course, but people tell me they can pick out which pieces I've written out of a stack pretty easily, so you might get the general drift. But I also just wanted the story to get some airtime. It was intended for the Marion Zimmer Bradley "Sword and Sorceress" anthologies, but never found a home there, so it's a "virgin." And now you can be the first to read (and possibly review) it!


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