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Hubby just got finished lecturing me about why I mustn't bid on any of the critiques offered by editors and agents at this ebay store because "they'll just think you are a sucker who can't get the work to them through other channels, and they won't take it seriously and won't request the full--it'll just be a waste of the $500 that I need to spend on more ham radio equipment!"

"But I *am* a sucker who can't get an agent and therefore can't get to Kate Seaver, a senior editor at Berkley--Berkley!--who edits paranormal romance like LOVE IS THE BRIDGE!"

(I'm not going to let him buy any more ham radio equipment for a while, either. So that imaginary $525 can stay in the imaginary bank.)

"Well, you are not to bid on those at ANY price. It would show that you have no confidence in your work. You have to go in through established channels or you won't be taken seriously."

It's a moot point, as Kate Seaver's offer has now gone over $525.

[EDIT: It went for over $700.00. SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. That is more than our first house's house payment. That is more than my car payment. Who has that kind of cash sitting around to donate to charity, even for a critique? And the crit will probably be discouraging to the recipient . . . we'll pray that it is not, because when that kept happening to me, I got really depressed. Let's hope that the recipient gets more out of her/his critique.]

But others of interest are still going on. If you are single, independently wealthy, or more of a gambler than I evidently am (grin), here's the auction store. All profits go to help people in Japan. And who knows . . . maybe your chapter will be the one that charms the editor or agent into asking for a full! Or you'll get some useful stuff out of the critique. That would be good, too.

Click here to see the editors!

P. S. They also have lots of signed books and other author-donated goodies! Search for "critique" or "editor" or "agent" in the search box to see the specific stuff.

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(You can smell the salt air . . . feel the sand between your toes . . . hear the roar of the sea lions. Arrrr!)

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Do sea lions go, "arrrr?" I thought pirates did.

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