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I'm about to give up on ever being able to post on LJ again. The DDoS attacks seem to be coming from inside Russia. It's too bad that LJ sold to the Russian company. It was great once upon a time. Will we retain the same sense of community over here? That remains to be seen.

Blessings today! First, I took my mother to the ER so they could test her hemoglobin, potassium, and other blood levels to explain why she has been so weak for the past five days. Her hemoglobin is up to 10 (which is good, FOR HER) and her potassium has stabilized. They recommended she have her pacemaker interrogated (checked by the cardiology office) to see why she's having some irregular beats and extra "hits" from it. They also thought she might need a stress test if she stays weak, but I think she doesn't exercise enough (because of this HEAT WAVE, among other things). She needs to push herself, I think. We'll see. But there is nothing immediately wrong to panic over, so that was blessing #1.

Blessing #2 is that Hubby doesn't have to go on that ridiculous trip! The bigger boss heard of this fiasco they were planning (basically sending all five coders from the group on a pleasure ride across the USA to Denver where they would demonstrate a product and then have a couple of meetings and a picnic--losing 10 workdays in the process!) and said NO!! They have a deadline to deliver a software release (an update to the product) by September first, and they simply cannot DO that if they are gone the first ten days of August. I have been saying that all along: DUH! I would like to offer my services to them as a planner! Actually, they have finally hired a planner/scheduler guy who will keep up with stuff like this. Anyhow, we are ALL so relieved. Thank God!! It is a miracle! The co-worker who was supposed to drive the second Hummer has a broken foot and is days out of surgery; his surgeon just removed his stitches and has not released him even to come back to work, yet they were insisting that he drive a Hummer on this route and go do the demo. The guy is so intimidated that he was going to do it, even though his foot is swollen like a melon and one of his pins is already bent. Good grief! This saves him, as well. Sheesh. But it's a major relief and a major blessing.

Blessing #3 is that we woke up alive today and could see, walk, and hear. Yay!! And that the dog's medicine is helping, of course. He had bronchitis and possible sinus infection, so the vet gave him a shot of antibiotic that should peak today and lasts two weeks, and a shot of steroids to help the inflammation immediately. It did that. But he has 'roid rage, a little. If you can imagine a Pomeranian growling and fighting you over a crust of bread he found under the table (and that you don't want him to have), that's 'roid rage. Funny! But he has already been coughing lots less and breathing MUCH better. Strange that Mama and dog both have asthma/bronchitis issues. We need to move to the Carmel/Pacific Grove coast to get away from the allergens and heat here, hint hint!

So this is supposed to cross-post. We'll see. If LJ ever comes back up, I mean. (sigh)


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