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The soundtrack album from "A Charlie Brown Christmas," by the Vince Guaraldi Trio.
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Nyah-nyah-nya-nyaaah-nyah, *pblttt*!

Or is that one word?

I am so tempted to steal from a couple of friends and say, "Despite everything, I'm still having fun" or something like that.
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Well, this is a crazy question nowadays, because I would just make a custom mix CD.

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But in the Olden Days, there really was a limit on listeners. Cassette tape and even reel-to-reel that was anything short of the Ampex units they used in recording studios were not very high-fidelity, and vinyl records were fragile and only held about 22 minutes of music on a side. If you had to do the desert-island thing THEN, you'd be stuck with only ONE RECORD. Aieee!

But should it be. . .

A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS with Vince Guaraldi? That one is pretty much on rotation all year with me.

or should it be. . .

ABBEY ROAD or REVOLVER by the Beatles?

or must it be. . .
BEST OF THE MONKEES (combining my favorite tracks from HEADQUARTERS and PISCES, AQUARIUS, CAPRICORN, and JONES, LTD.)?

That leaves out too much. It omits Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Hugo Montenegro and the "Come Spy With Me" crime jazz, Jack Jones, Vic Damone, R. E. M., Three Dog Night, Weird Al, Herman's Hermits, my one-hit wonders, and so forth. No Emperor Concerto. No Mozart Piano Concerto #21. No "exotic bongos." No belly dance music. No psychedelia. No show tunes. No soul. Aieeee!

No wonder the rate of schizophrenia on desert islands is far higher than that in metropolitan areas with wi-fi and free soup kitchens with doughnuts (sprinkles extra). . . .

At the moment I am restoring my iTunes library. When I "upgraded" *snort* to Win7 by means of having my old computer's mamaboard short out, allowing the magic smoke to escape and the genie to leave, cackling in evil mirth, I tried to migrate my iTunes library. But-of-course they've changed the path of the My Documents/My Music folder to Users/Whatever/Aaack, and I had so much stuff that had been imported from all over the disk. So I only had SOME of my stuff, including none of the Amazon MP3s or the eMusic stuff. Hubby was fiddling with his new iPod Touch (and believe me, the rosin on that bow is really postmodern) and bought a copy of a program that'll restore your iPod to your computer directly so you can import it back into iTunes complete with ratings, so that's what's going on in the background. We Shall See. I've always had problems with the dang tracks staying authorized (I have two iTunes Store accounts on account of the ISP changing our email addys some time ago, back when I was too iggernunt to realize how to change the email addy on my existing account.) I always buy iTunes Plus so I have very little DRM, but what I do got is "cherce."

How I wish my daddy were still alive. How he would love seeing all the technological advances! He built our stereo "hi-fi" units all my life, was an audiophile with Ampex reel-to-reel decks and Garrard turntables and Jensen speakers and Harmon/Kardon tuners and amps back when the name really meant something . . . tube units, natch . . . and was a radio amateur, private pilot (light planes), electronics bug, and rocket scientist (no kidding--worked at NASA Houston Mission Control during Gemini and Apollo projects, 1959-1967!) I'd love to see his face when I handed him a laptop, cell phone, and iPod. Heck, when he saw the dirt roads all paved and the freeways and metroplex that came up and devoured our little enclave, he'd go wild. Sheesh! If I wrote him a letter about that, he'd think I was making it all up. I hope they can look down from Heaven and appreciate everything that's going on down here, as well as pulling for us from the Other Side.
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"For a fat girl, you don't sweat much."

"You don't look as fat as you are."


"You're not really as fat as you look."
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I don't want to grow up. If I'm not grown up by NOW, skrewitol. Peter Pan was robbed! When I was around three or four, I thought it would be the pinnacle of existence to run one of those neat cash registers that has a conveyor belt that the groceries ride on! They let me ride on one of them when I was really little, and I never forgot it, even when I was too big to ride on it at age three or four. It's too bad that I can't be whatever it was that I wanted to be, if I could remember it.

Welcome, anyone who came here through the link to this entry! The rest of the journal is far more interesting.


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