Sep. 11th, 2012

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Enter a drawing to win one of three free copies of NICE WORK by Denise Weeks! These aren't ARCs, but sturdy trade paperbacks in final form, and they can be autographed if you'd like. All you have to do is post a comment over at the author's blog.

NICE WORK is the winner of the Dark Oak mystery novel contest and is just out from Oak Tree Press. A traditional mystery with an edge, NICE WORK is the first book in the Jacquidon Carroll "Snoop Sisters" series.

Jacquidon Carroll could've killed her boss when he downsized her--or so the police think. Can she and her sister find the real killer in the maze of BDSM clubs and secret societies that her (ex-)boss turns out to have been involved in before it's too late? No explicit stuff--everything's played for laughs. It's a "Sleuth Sisters" romp like Anne George's Southern Sisters books (but these sisters are in their twenties and have spunk. Which is terrible if you hate spunk like Lou Grant. But if you like it, you're in luck.)

This is the more gentle, humorous series. The Ariadne French (and Zoe French) series is much darker and more personal. Some people favor one series over the other, just the way I like one of Joan Hess's series better than the other. To each her own. Just a heads-up.


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